Monday, May 17, 2010

Hi friends,
am new to the blogging space.pls dont mind any anomalies at the outset. Just an attempt to connect with like minded people in cyberspace.
The movie"Three Idiots" reminds us of the mundaneness, the rote learning system which has been a part of Indian education. On a personal level, I have never been a bright student, did not want to be one. I still feel tht the days and years I spent in school and college were wasted though I had some very good teachers. I participated in a lot of debates in school though college was silent.
The same has become the case with jobs. Many of us just cruise through our careers without ever giving a serious thought to whats really apt for us. Money becomes the sole criteria for choosing a career stream whereas aptitude receives a backseat. I feel we need to evolve a system where the students right from their kindergarten will be tutored and mentored for careers based on their capabilities, their pressure handling abilities and their aptitude. This will also help to a larger extent in preventing suicides at a young age. Its not only an emotional loss for the parents, but a capital waste for the nation considering the fact that the person who has died could have been a good painter or an author.
Thts just a few thoughts i wanted to share with u folks. bye for now and take care

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